Hello! I’m Aaron Bergunder, a multi-disciplinary designer and creative director of roughly 20 years experience. I believe that thoughtful design can amplify the reach and effects of any good organization or product.

But I have also witnessed how design can swallow an entire budget, create superficial products, or be a self-indulgent process to prop up egos and maintain an unhealthy status quo.

That’s what motivated me to start A Helpful Design Company: the painful act of witnessing wonderful people burned by poor practices in my profession. And yet relationships I’ve formed through previous projects sustain, blossom into new ideas, and fruit again as work we all share pride and value in. So I now aim to dedicate my experience and skills to projects with that same meaning and potential.

If you’re interested in starting a creative relationship together, I encourage you to note if our values align, check out my work and see if it suits your taste, and then reach out.